Saturday, August 30, 2014

What Should We Play With? For Infants, Ages 4-6 Months

What Should We Play With? Part II Although it has been a while, I have received requests for the next post to be about the best toys for infants, ages 4-6 months. This is one of the hardest stages because your baby is beginning to be mobile but is not quite ready to be seated upright for extended periods of time in exersaucers and such (refer to this post for more information as to why). Babies at this stage are rapidly developing and becoming more like little people (and much less like little zombies, who primarily want to eat, sleep, be held, and be changed!). Therefore, toys at this stage should be more stimulating, to increase their level of awareness. In addition, toys that work on cause/effect (touch this and lights go on) are important. The following toys can all be found on Tummy Time Mat Tummy time is one of the most, if not THE MOST, important positions for this stage of development. See Part I for more information. The Tiny Love Activity Gym mat is also a favorite, as the lights, sounds, and items to grab while on the back and stomach are stimulating for the babies. In addition, they can practice rolling all over because their are fun things to see at every corner! Sit them up on the mat- have them grab and reach the items that are at shoulder-level... This mat can have many uses!
Activity Table This Fisher Price table is a great example of the type of toy to give your growing infant. The legs can be modified accordingly to allow the baby to access the various components of the table while in tummy time, on the side, seated, and standing. This activity table has room to grow with your baby - and you will notice that he/she will play differently with the table throughout various stages of development (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking).
Activity Bars Your child is working on grabbing, pulling, and pushing. Keep your child busy on walks or long car rides with this activity bar! This is also a great way to have your child practice sitting up...
Board Books Touch and feel board books are my favorite for babies this age! Aside from beginning to see words, large pictures and feel textures, they are easy to clean and begin to teach babies how to turn pages (left to right). The books also offer entertainment when seated in tummy time and ensure that you are focusing attention on your baby (after all, who doesn't like attention!?!?!). This book of baby animals was/is a favorite of my EtiKids! They love to hear and make the sounds of the animals!

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